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The school was built in 2001 but Morris said it does not have enough lights in its parking lots. The school has four streetlights in the front around the drop-off circle, but none on the east and west sides. The only lighting on the other three sides of the school is under the entrance canopies, supplying minimal light. “My kids have been going there for a couple of years, and they’ve got a great school and a great staff,” Morris said.

quantity surveyors adelaideThe other night I could hear children playing on the playground, but I couldn’t see them. Morris said he has been to school events in which female teachers wanted escorts to their vehicles. Priceville Principal Martine Bates agreed with Morris that her school needs more illumination. The four poles light up the front real well, but we usually don’t park in front for events like PTO.

Morris, a Investment Property Tax Deductions developer, said he doesn’t understand why the school board wasn’t required to light all of the parking lots when it built the school. He said he would be required to light the parking areas when he builds a public building. “I know school funding is tight, but this is something that shouldn’t be overlooked,” Morris said. According to George Crawford, supervisor of Maintenance and Transportation for Morgan County Schools, the school board built the gymnasium after the classes began at the new school. Parking lot lights were an alternate on the original construction bid.

We had to wait on the gym to make sure we had enough money, Crawford said. The board planned to add the parking lot lights when it built the football stadium, but then it delayed that project for a year. Phase 1 of the football stadium began last fall and should be complete this spring. It includes groundwork, an irrigation system, fencing and sod. Crawford said the parking lot lights would be part of Phase 2 which should begin this summer.